Whether it’s a dry or sweet, red or white, a light or robust, every wine requires very specific serving measures and procedures in order to attain the full flavor potential. Inclusive to the proper serving temperatures, every individual wine requires a particular and specific style of glass for the service. It is essential to understand the different types of wine glasses and what makes these glasses ideal for one type of wine over the others, so as to get the most of your wine collection.


This particular wineglass possesses a lot of charm, even though they are not always the best glass to drink from. This is because they were not specifically designed for the improvement of smell and flavor of the wine that you’re used to. These vintage wine glasses make some wine taste better than others, so be prepared to have a little hit or miss when drinking out of it.

With the knowledge of this, many people still choose them over others because they conjure up happy memories and are attractive as well.

The vintage wine glass is the ideal glass for White Wines like (Chardonnay, Muscadet, Viognier, Pinot Gris etc.) this is because they provide space for oxygen and enhances the appearance of the wine.


These particular glasses have a long stem that helps make sure that the heat that comes out of your hand does not come in contact with the wine glass and doesn’t affect it in anyway. If you’re looking to keep your wine at very cool temperature, then the stem of this glass will be of great help.

The antique glasses are the best option for Rose Wines. The rose wine generally has a lesser taste than their aged counterparts and the flared lip of the glass will direct the wine to your sweet-sensitive taste buds. The Antique wine glass minimizes any kind of unpleasant aftertaste and in a way reduces the sweetness of your drink.


These glasses have a small and slender shape and are designed to help your palate focus on the oak, fruit and the spice flavors. The ports help the wine rather than being drowned out by heavy alcohol flavors.

The Port Wine glasses are the ideal wine glasses for dessert and vintage wines.

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