Custom Slay Wineglass



  • Tall white wine glass
  • Holds 16 oz.
  • 100%Lead Free
  • Handwash Only
  • Made in Italy
  • Perfect for any event

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Have you been looking for that perfect wineglass for your special event, party,or birthday? Then I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Do you love a beautiful wineglass? Then these slay wineglasses are for you. The designs are ideally customized, on a tall glass narrow bowl, with a classical thin stem. It enhances aromatics like Chardonnay and Oak-aged White wine. At Eventglasses we take pride in making special moments even more favorable with custom wine glasses personalized with your design, name or monogram. You can choose from a white and, red wine glass, for customization. Get your custom engraved wine glass for a classy and creative look, or choose your favorite color for vinyl options to create a unique wine glass that are great for parties, special events, birthdays or just your everyday casual use.Whenever you want to enjoy a glass of wine, choose a glass that elevates your event. These glasses can create that vibe which says it all. Take your event to the next level with these customized wineglasses.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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