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Oblique Goblet

This glass has a V shaped bowl that finishes with an Oblique cut which gives this glass that special look. The stem is sturdy for the extra support when handling, while this glass keeps any cold drink on chill…ENJOY!

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Tears and Cheers

This Colorful Flute is just the color and size for any Baby Shower, Birthday Party, or Anniversary.  Its narrow shape which prolongs the chill and bubbles. The bowl is designed to help retain the carbonation in the beverage by reducing the surface area at the opening of the bowl.

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Milano Snifter

This cute Milano glass is one of the few glasses that both men,and women can enjoy any of their favorite drink together. It speaks volume for that special occasion. With this snifter you can feel secure that your drink will stay fresh, and secure with a strong stem made for that extra protection. Enjoy this…

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